In the hall named after Oraz Zhandosov of «Kazakhstan kitaptary» organized a book exhibition «Zobalan zhyldar zhangyrygy» dedicated to the Day of memory of victims of political repressions, which is marked annually in Kazakhstan on 31 May.

Collectivization and famine in the early 1930s was one of the most painful periods of the post-Soviet republics. In Kazakhstan, the cost of the experiment to transform steppe nomads into an industrial and sedentary agricultural nation was the death of a quarter of the country's population, more than a million refugees and a completely destroyed economy. The Kazakh people experienced a deadly famine which caused colossal damage to the country's gene pool. Political repression is another grim page in the national chronicle.

The aim of the exhibition is to inform young people and future generations of the contradictory nature of the era and to show them how people in trouble showed great spirit, fortitude and faith in the future. To reveal the face of the society whose foundations they themselves had laid.

The book exhibition consists of three sections. The first section, «Dattalu men aktalu», places particular emphasis on sources and materials that highlight the "white spots" of the theme in question. Books about the largest camps in Kazakhstan are presented which allow us to understand the cruel and senseless nature of the political repression of those years and contain information about the hard and harsh times - the years of Stalin's cult, lawlessness and repression. Also presented are the «Materials of the State Commission for the Rehabilitation of Victims of Political Repressions of the 20-50th Years of the 20th Century» in XXIII volumes recommended for publication by the Academic Council of the Ualikhanov Institute of History and Ethnology.

The second section «Alash Ulagaty» introduces readers to materials reflecting the fate of the advanced Kazakh intelligence community – representatives of the «Alash movement». In addition, there are collected materials and documents reflecting the extraordinary persistence and devotion to their country of the people who went through the repressions. A special place is dedicated to the unique works of prominent Kazakh figures who laid the foundation for the national statehood. This movement appeared in the beginning of the XX century and became the peak of the national liberation struggle of the Kazakh people. The «Alash» Party stood at the origins of Kazakh democracy.

The third part of the «Tauelsizdik tamyrlary» presents book collected from the memories of the children of repressed victims, with documentary material on their full rehabilitation. The Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Political Repression and Famine in Kazakhstan brings to mind and reminds us of the past of the Kazakh people and especially to appreciate their history and independence.

Welcome to the book exhibition!