On July 14 there within the format of the work of the hall of the Literary academy and within the framework of the Year of children in Kazakhstan took place the master-class for the adolescents “How to become a writer” from two Kazakhstani women-writers.

The master-class was incredibly interesting and useful. The participants of the meeting became acquainted with the women-writers Ekaterina Alimp-Danilenko and Irina Bakulina, who presented their creative activity and shared the experience and the technology of writing a book, they told where to get ideas for the plots, the fishes and life-hacks of the writers , how to write a book in three months and many other things.

The master-class turned out to be not only interesting and with good content, but very useful and inspiring. Such meetings indubitably urge the children for reading and creative activity.

At the end of the activity there among the participants was played the viktorina and the victors received the memorable gifts.