The bibliographic fund of the national bibliographic service includes and stores scientific and auxiliary bibliographic publications on the history and culture, literature, and art of Kazakhstan, retrospective, recommendation and current bibliographic indexes, abstract journals on social sciences, culture, literature, art and linguistics of the republics, compiled and published by the library, etc.

The national bibliographic service presents:

The fund of bibliographic manuals:

  • • Retrospective, scientific and auxiliary bibliographic indexes;
  • • Advisory bibliographic publications:

– «Calendar of significant and memorable dates of the Republic of Kazakhstan»;

– Bio-bibliographic indexes of the «Art of Kazakhstan» series;

  • • Scientific and informational publications:

– Abstract journal. Series 6: «Social Sciences»

– Abstract journal. Series 7: «Culture. Linguistics. Literature. Art.»

  • • Annals of the National State Book Chamber of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • • Systematic card file «Kazakhstanika» (in Kazakh and Russian).


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