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There in the reading hall of the periodical editions is organized the exhibition ‘Uly dala bolashagy  - Okityn ult

Reading is one of the means for the assimilation of the language, communication, exchange of information and ideas. During the long centuries reading for many people remained the main form of the leasure time. Regardless of the appearance of radio, television and the Internet the books continue to remain the most important source of information and the lovely time-passing of the people. The support and development of reading is the all-national task, in the solution of which there participate the state and the society.

There within the framework of the project “Okityn ult” is presented the exhibition, dedicated to the 90-th anniversary of the newspaper “Druzhnye rebyata” comes from 1933.

Up to 1942 it was named “Pioner Kazakhstana”, from 1942 to 1956 it didn’t come out, from 1956 – “Druzhnye rebyata”. There upon the pages of the newspaper are published the materials, which are conducive to the upbringing of the growing generation, the development of their creative potential, and also the specimens of children’s creative activity: the verses, the stories, the songs, the drawings.

In the 1970-s the circulation number of the newspaper was 300 thousand copies. From 2017 the circulation number is more than 7 thousand copies, the newspaper comes out upon 16 sheets one time a week.

The newspaper is published by the facilities of the Comradeship with limited responsibility “Zhas orken”. There into it enter the four children’s editions – the magazines “Baldyrgan”, “Ak zhelken” and the newspapers “Ulan” and “Druzhnye rebyata”.

Baldyrgan” is the Kazakhstani literary-artistic monthly magazine for children. It is published in the Kazakh language. It is published beginning from July, 1958.

The magazine is addressed to the children of the junior and middle-school and also the pre-school age. The first editor was the well-known Kazakh literary man Muzafar Alimbayev. There in the magazine are published the materials about the history of Kazakhstan, the developing games, verses, fairy-tales, stories, puzzles and tongue-twisters. There is also the rubric with the verses and drawings of the readers.

 There at the exhibition are presented the materials which popularize reading and address to literature, the articles from the magazine “Baldyrgan” and the newspaper “Sruzhnye rebyata”.

            We invite everybody to the exhibition!      

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