1. The order in which one can get enlisted into the Library

1. Readers of the National library of the Republic of Kazakhstan (further - Library)  can be citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, foreign citizens, persons without any citizenship who have reached the age of 12 years old  and who have a document identifying their personality.
2. The reader ticket is the only document, which gives the right  to use the fonds and services of Library in the reading halls and book corners. 
3. Enrollment into the Library is implemented on a charge-free basis. The making, the photographing and the issuance of the reader tickets is done at the Department of readers’ registration.
To become enrolled one must have with him the following documents: 
- The identification card (the original) or the passport of the citizen of the RK, the passport for the citizens of other states;
- For students of colleges and universities and schoolchildren – the identification card, birth certificate, the student ticket or the record book or the information from the place of study.
4. For working in the Dissertations’ hall and the Hall of rare books and manuscripts there is additionally required the special letter by the place of execution of the scientific theme on a letterhead of the establishment with the signature of the head to the name of director of Library. 
5. There have been established 2 kinds of the reader ticket: the constant one and the one-time one. The constant ticket  has 4 samples (simple – of green colour, silver – of silver colour, gold – of golden colour, VIP – the ticket of red colour with the golden inscription).
The constant reader card of the established order is issued for the term of 5 years. There in the reader card is indicated the period of validity of the ticket.
The one-time reader-card  is valid during one current day without the right of servicing by the fonds of the book depositary.
6. If lost the consideration and the restitution of the lost reader ticket is done during 30 days after the application of the reader to the name of the head of the Department of readers’ registration. 
7. During the enrollment the visitor:
- Fills in the registration reader’s card;
- Confirms his obligation  about the observance of the Rules of usage of the National library of the RK with his signature.
8. The re-registration of the readers of the Library is done after the expiration of the term of validity of the reader card. For the re-registration it is necessary to present a document confirming the personality.

2. The rights and obligations of readers

9 The reader has the right to:
- To freely visit the Library in accordance with the established regime of its work for the readers;
- To use literature on a free-charge basis from the fonds of the Library in the reading-hallsTo use the reference-bib;
- To make an order for the literature lacking in the fonds of the Library in accordance with the Statutes about the service of electronic documents delivery and interlibrary loan; liographical and informational servicing, the traditional (card) and electronic catalogues and card-catalogues;
- To become acquainted with and use the literature presented at thematic exhibitions and the new acquisitions’ exhibitions;
- To use the technical means of the Library (the computers, the software, the apparatus for reading microforms etc.), specially installed for readers on the condition of observance  of the proper rules of usage;
- To bring with themselves their note-books;
- To participate in the cultural-mass activities, organized for readers of the Library (the presentations, the panels, conferences, meetings etc.);
- The use the services of copying (Xerox-copying and scanning) of documents  and their fragments from the fonds of the Library, in accordance with articles 18, 20 of the Law of the RK “On copyright and related rights” with the payment by the Price-list (the responsibility for the ethical usage of the copied materials is to be upon the reader himself);
- To introduce proposals for the improvement of the Library’s activity.
- To bring notebooks.

10. The reader must:
- Know «The rules of usage of the National library of the RK” and execute them;
- While entering the control point present his reader card/ ticket and get the control sheet;
- To preserve the reader ticket and the control sheet. In case of the loss of the reader ticket or the control sheet report about it to the responsible person of the Library on duty or to the head of the Department of readers’ registration;
- When coming out to submit the stamped out control sheet;
- To present to the person on duty from the Security-fire service of the Library for inspection his bags, packets, rucksacks, papers, note-books and folders;
- Carefully treat the literature handed out to him for the usage from the fonds of the Library;
- To look through the literature at the chairs of issue given to him for the temporary usage.
- When discovering the missing pages or other defects, at once report about it to the librarian. Otherwise the reader is to be held totally responsible for the spoilt documents  because he was the last one to use them;
- To observe public discipline, cleanness and the quiet in the halls, and to treat with treasure the property of the Library.

11. It is not permitted:
- To give your own reader ticket, the control sheet and the literature received to other people;
- To visit the Library using somebody else’s reader ticket;
- To underline, make notes upon the margins of the editions, to fold or tear out the pages;
- To damage the computer equipment, the software and the electronic products;
- To bring to the Library books, newspapers, magazines  and other materials on different carriers except for literature which is lacking in the fond (by the permission of the worker of the Department of readers’ registration);
- To bring the recording, copying, shooting and other apparatuses and use them for the non-sanctioned copying of materials from the library fond;
- To use the following for the copying of documents  of the Library: the photo-cameras, the video-cameras, the means for mobile communication;
- The bring the cold, gas, fire-weaponry, ammunition, explosives and poisonous stuffs;
- To take out from the Library the printed works and other documents belonging to the library, and also bring them to the buffet;
- To misplace the tables, chairs designed for one reader place;
- To disturb silence in the reading halls;
- To use the mobile phones in the reading halls;
- To smoke in the rooms and spaces of the Library;
- To enter the reading halls in outer clothes (jackets, wind-breakers, coats, rain-coats, caps etc.) and also with briefcases, non-transparent packets, bags the size of which exceed 30х20х10 cm. The entry of the reading halls with the rucksacks is not permitted;
- To put or hang advertisements, announcements and other materials of advertising-commercial character, to do individual small-retail trade and other commercial activity in the halls of the Library.
Also persons who are in alcoholic, narcotic and toxicomanic state  and also those who are in slovenly and dirty clothes are not permitted to enter the reading halls.

3. The organization of servicing of readers in the Library
12. The servicing of readers in the Library is implemented at the chairs of issue of literature in the reading halls.
13. Literature from the subsidiary fonds of the reading halls is given by the requirements at once, without the making of the order.
14. Rare books and manuscripts are at the special regime of storage. The use of rare editions is implemented through the application letter  of the scientific organization with the indication of the theme. The especially valuable editions and rare editions which are in the conditions of eternal storage are not given out. The reading hall of the Service of rare books and manuscripts services readers up to 18:00 hours.
15. The Internet resources are provided in the specialized halls in the prescribed order. Taking into account the peculiarities of the Internet as the global, non-regulated and non-controlable informational environment, the Library is not to be held responsible for the contents and quality of the information accessible in the Internet. It is prohibited to download and pump the audio, video, MP-3 files and to use the pornographic sites.
16. For the reception of literature from the book depositary the order is to be made through the traditional (requirement form) and electronic forms (the module “Search and order”). 
The orders for literature from the book depositary are accepted up to 18:30 hours and only in case of its absence in the subsidiary fonds. The number of accepted requirements from one reader is not to exceed 10 requirements.
The period for the use of books from the book depositary for readers (postponement) – 10 days, from the archival (insurance) fond – 3 days.
17. By the 15 minutes before the end of the work of the Library the reader submits back 
the received literature to the librarian, receives the stamped out control sheet and his reader card.
18. The reference-bibliographical servicing is implemented by all the structural subdivisions of the Library which service readers.
19. The Library renders pay services by the present “Price list of prices for the goods and services of the Republican state establishment “National library of the Republic of Kazakhstan’” in force.