On February 27, 2019 the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan organized a traveling book exhibition "Halyk dostygy - el birliginin kepili. Friendship of Peoples - the key to the unity of the country" in the Republican House of Friendship in Almaty as part of the round table on "Belarus in the creativity and destiny".

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The book exhibition from the collection of the National Library of Kazakhstan presented more than 60 publications, revealing the history and contemporary life, culture, traditions, customs and art of the Belarusian people, artworks of Kazakhstani writer Lyubov Shashkova, Belarusian writer Vasil Bykov, articles in magazines known local historian, literary critic and journalist of Belarus Alexander Karlyukevich.

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On February 27, 2019 in the hall named after N. Dauletova. The presentation of the 11-volume collection of Malik Gabdullin's works and the book-album of memories "Malik Gabdullin - Kazaktyn Okzhetpesi" was held in order to popularize the ethno-pedagogical and literary heritage of Malik Gabdullin and implementation of the Yelbasy "Rukhani Zhangyru" program.

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On February 22, 2019 in the hall named after N. Dauletova held an evening in memory of the poet, playwright, literary critic, people's writer of the Republic of Kazakhstan Abdildy Tazhibayev.

The event was opened by the director of the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan J. Seidumanov.

Abdilda Tazhibayev was born in 1909 in Akmechet (now Kyzylorda). He was brought up in an orphanage for orphans. He studied in a seven-year school in Shymkent city.

Graduated from the Kazakh State University named after S.M. Kirov (now Kazakh National University named after al-Farabi), higher literary courses at the Literary Institute named after M.Gorky.


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On February 21, 2019 at 11.00 a.m. the information hour on the themes "Chinese New Year - Spring Festival", "Education in China" was held in the Hall of Culture and Literature of China.

About omens, horoscopes and peculiarities of Chinese New Year celebrations, the student of the 4th year of the Kazakh University of International Relations and World Languages named after Abylai Khan, Meirambay Zhannat, told in detail.

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On February 20, 2019 at 11.00 a.m. in the hall named after N. Dauletova there was an evening of memory dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the People's Artist of Kazakhstan Amina Umirzakova.

The event was held within the framework of the Club "Inzhu-marzhan", acting under the Department of Arts of the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Umurzakova Amina Erguzhinovna was born on March 8, 1919 in aul Karaul, Abay region of the East Kazakhstan Oblast. In 1934 she arrived in the Leningrad state theatrical institute and graduated from it in 1938.

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The book exhibition dedicated to the Day of the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan was organized in the reading room "Kazakhstan Kitaptari".


February 15 is a memorable day for every soldier and officer who went through the Afghan war. The withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan began on May 15, 1988, in accordance with the Geneva agreements, signed on April 14, 1988 on a political settlement of the situation around the DRA (Democratic Republic of Afghanistan).

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In the reading room of periodicals there is an exhibition dedicated to the 90th anniversary of "Saryarka samaly" Pavlodar regional newspaper.


In September 1928, the Kazakh Regional Committee of the All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks) adopted a resolution to publish a newspaper in Kazakh language in Pavlodar. On December 17, the district party committee approved the name of the newspaper - Kenes tuy, and determined its staff.

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On February 8, 2019 at 15.00 h. in the hall of E. Tursunov held a "Festival of Kazakh and Hindi Language". The event was organized jointly with the Center of Indian Classical Dance, Almaty-Kazakhstan, the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Department of Middle East and South Asia of the Faculty of Oriental Studies of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University.

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"Festival of Kazakh and Hindi language" was held within the framework of the Days of Indian Culture in Almaty and was aimed at deepening spiritual ties between Kazakhstan and India, demonstration of common roots and closeness of Kazakh and Hindi language, historical commonality through the Great Silk Road.

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